Slip Ring Induction Motors

slip ring motors

Indo Swiss offer's Slip Ring Induction Motors have a high Motor beginning capability. These motors have an extended sturdiness even whereas in operation underneath adverse atmosphere. The most advantage of Slip Ring Induction Motor is that motor speed will be controlled simply and has high beginning torsion. These motors square measure usually utilized in textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industrial applications.

Slip Ring Induction Motors typically have a "phase-wound" rotor. This kind of rotor incorporates a 3-phase, double-layer, distributed winding consisting of coils utilized in alternators. The rotor core is made from steel laminations that have slots to accommodate formed 3-single phase windings.

Slip Ring Induction Motors are utilized in applications requiring high beginning torsion or low beginning current. These motors give most accessibility, and square measure particularly suggested for heavy load inertia applications like mill drives or things wherever network conditions are weak.

Slip Ring Induction Motors are of standard construction and have a wide range of accessories. Reckoning on the application many different cooling and enclosure varieties are obtainable.



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