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Indo Swiss Electricals and Enterprises welcome you to our web site. At the get-go we are over the moon to introduce ourselves mutually of the most important and leading Dealers of Crompton Motors (Crompton Motors Dealers) in Chennai, Tamilnadu -India. Within the era of quickest industrial and economical growth, it's essential to provide power motors in massive volume to systematically maintain a prominent rate. Being an acknowledged and premier Crompton Greaves Motors Dealers, we tend to fulfil your power demand expeditiously, affordability, responsibleness and stability. Having a huge expertise in supply Crompton Motorsto totally different fields like Agriculture, Textile, Industrial sectors etc, nowadays we are the foremost Crompton Motor's Distributors and suppliers in India. Understanding the client demand is to be a key issue for us. We tend to totally analyze customer's desires like voltage needed kinds of use, energy potency needed, power capability needed etc before deliver the motors.

We square measure a large Crompton Motors supplier. To transient concerning our Crompton Electrical Motors; we've stocks of low voltage motors,flame proof motors,high voltage motors,ht motors,Cg motors,Crompton motors,Crompton greaves,Crompton greaves electric motor,Crompton greaves motors,ac&dc motors,electric motors,alternators,Lv motors,Hv motors,dc motors,induction motors,slip ring induction motors,energy efficient motors,crane duty motors,turbine motors,special application motors,brake motors,Oil Well Pump Motor,re-rolling mill motor,double cage motor,traction motors,single phase motors,three-phase motors,industrial motors,ie2 motors,Ie3 motors,IE2/IE3 motors,textile motors,hoist motors,squirrel cage induction motors etc. distant for these, we tend to serve our consumers with their personalized demand of Crompton Motor for precise applications.

Apart from motor sales, we are a wholesaler of Crompton Motors spares. All types of Crompton Motor spares, parts and accessories are obtainable with us. Our servicemen square measure well practised to help you along with your demand. We tend to provide prompt services with a real worth for your wealth. We glance for building sturdy and ever lasting relationship with our customers.

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